Can you gain a 10 inch jump using the jump manual

The Jump Manual is a runaway success on the web. It presently ranks as the #1 Internet Vertical Jump Program. But what does that entail for you?

Jump Manual Review

Though largely an ebook, The Jump Manual does come along with other components, together with several great extras. Dave Hopla describes exactly how he shoots ninety-nine % from the foul line — yes ninety-nine %. Also provided is an interview with Peak Performance, allowing athletes understand the way to flourish in high-pressure situations.

Jacob Hiller, coach and author of vertical jump advisor to Professional and Olympic athletes has organized the Jump Manual in a logical manner. Beginning with the “physical features of jumping” and moving onto the benefits of sleep and diet. Jacob has provided lots of thought about the daily routine of athletes and jumpers, leaving nothing out there. You are going to get tips on how to proceed while “in training,” and how you can correctly rest to optimize your “no training” period.

The jumping workout program concentrates on an optimum intensity of workouts. You have to give hundred % energy on every repetition. Something else is just damaging your vertical leap. That’s among the “secret ingredients” on the good results of The Jump Manual. The jumping exercises are placed into a good exercise chart, where a diverse range of exercises is done during every one of the fourteen days. The vertical jump application does not get boring or stale when you rotate exercises. Several of the workouts do wear weights, while others could be accomplished with no weights.

The exercise program, of course, will be the main importance of the Jump Manual. You will find plyometrics, strength exercises, stretches, along with drills designed enhance your quickness and optimize your vertical explosion. As discussed above, the “secret formula” is in the way you perform every workout exercise. Several of the exercises you are going to know while others are a newbie. You will probably find out, as I did, you’re working on a lot of these exercises incorrectly — that’s robbing inches out of your vertical leap. In case you play basketball, you are going to appreciate the plyometric exercises mimic game knowledge. The same might be said in case you’re a volleyball player.


Like something in daily life, you will find a number of disadvantages to The Jump Manual. I discovered printing the exercises and exercise charts a little troublesome. I want there had been several separate PDFs which were prepared to go. Additionally, I would not mind getting a progress chart. You are able to work with the jumping forums for assistance, so that negates several of the downsides.


In case you’re interested in increasing in on your vertical leap, The Jump Manual is the proper tool for you but if you want fast results click here. The 60-day, iron-clad guarantee stops you from having some downside. You will find a great deal of vertical jump plans on the web. But in case you truly desire to boost your vertical, The Jump Manual have you bouncing much higher in a question of months.